Tuyển Warehouse manager - Code: TPK-D


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    gpotaylor admin

    (Công ty cong tu dong hcm - https://baophuc.vn)
    Warehouse manager - Code: TPK-D

    * Working location: My Hao, Hung Yen (Free Daily shuttle bus from Hanoi to Hung Yen)

    * Salary: Negotiable

    * Scope: Transport, warehousing, Customs clearance

    * Experience: >3 years in the same position

    * Job description:

    · Managing, controlling and being responsible for all warehouse operations at Hung Yen branch and outsourced warehouse (if any);

    · Write standard procedure for each type of item stored in the warehouse;

    · Training, evaluating subordinates ...;

    · Develop goals and action plan for the Warehouse room (consistent with the company's goals);

    · Develop a safe and efficient method of storage of goods for all warehouses;

    · Cooperating with Marketing to reach new customers;

    · Proposing to the Board of Directors, Head of the branch the best plan and solution for Warehouse and other services;

    · Some other jobs will be discussed during the interview.

    * Requirement:

    · Gender: Male/female

    · Age from 30-45 years old;

    · Graduated from University or higher; have at least 3 years of experience in service warehouse management; Having worked as a group manager of 20 or more people;

    · Fluency in Word, Excel, and Power Point;

    · English: proficient skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

    · Good communication; have leadership skills, analysis and evaluation; problem solving skills, negotiation skills;

    · Be careful, enthusiastic, honest at work;


    · Social Insurance after probationary

    · Travel allowance: 500k/month; Diligence allowance: 400k/month (< 3 years in service), Long term service allowance: 600k/month (> 3 years in service)

    · Telephone allowance: 350k / month

    · Free lunch at canteen

    · Celebrating 200k birthday, giving birth 200k / child, gift 8/3; 10/20 for female employees, visiting filial piety, joy. annual vacation

    · Bonus of the 13th month of salary.

    · Daily shuttle buses from Hanoi at the collect points: Ho Tay Warter Park & Huu Nghi Viet Xo Hospital

    * How to apply:

    · Interested candidates send CV to e-mail rec3.gpo@gmail.com with e-mail Subject: Name - Year of Birth - Location (for example: Nguyen Hong Phuong - 1990 –TPK-D)

    · Phone: 02471096868. Quick support: Zalo-0986306517

    · Details https://career.gpo.vn/warehouse-manager-v472.html

    Lưu ý: Vui lòng đăng đúng chuyên mục để tránh bị ảnh hưởng khi bài viết bị xoá. Đồng thời bài viết nên có nhiều bình luận càng tốt để tránh ảnh hưởng vì vi phạm DMCA nếu sử dụng nội dung gốc.
    Nguồn: batdongsan24h.edu.vn
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