Shirley's Delights


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Thảo luận trong 'Linh Tinh' bắt đầu bởi anna pham, 27/5/21.

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    (Công ty cong tu dong hcm -
    A food visit to the Balestier area isn’t complete without a stop to whampoa market . Sometimes known as Whampoa Drive Food Centre, the huge complex is split into two blocks and a wet market, where you’ll be spoiled for choice by the variety of stalls. The “Morning Market” at Blk 91 serves the early birds, while Blk 90 next door only gets busy later in the day. But no matter the time of day you drop by, there’ll always be something open, even if it’s at 2am on a Sunday night (except when it's closed for cleaning, of course).

    This guide focuses more on the hidden gems of Blk 90, where most of the stalls are open from late afternoon onwards, thus its other nickname as the “Night Market”.


    Don’t confuse this stall with Shirley’s Desserts that sells hot and cold desserts! The old lady at Shirley’s Delights sells a selection of Chinese fried foods and snacks, as well as porridge. Her radish cake is usually the fastest to go, and it was all sold out by lunchtime.

    I got a bowl of pork porridge for $3, with some ngoh hiang and fish cake on the side.


    The large bowl of porridge comes with slices of pork, a huge pinch of pepper and fried you tiao. The light yet flavourful porridge didn’t require much seasoning, with just some fried shallots and sesame oil to add a bit of fragrance. Cooked in Cantonese-style, the porridge makes for a satisfying start of the day.


    On to the fried sides. Cut into bite-size pieces, the old lady very nicely heated up the ngoh hiang and fish cake before serving with a sweet chilli sauce on the side. The ngoh hiang was stuffed with plenty of vegetables and meat, and wrapped in beancurd skin. The flat fish cake is also mixed with vegetables, and is great to be eaten as a snack or as a shared dish.


    Even though these dishes aren’t the first choice when it comes to hawker food, there’s just something about the old school charm of a good bowl of delicious porridge and ngoh hiang that’ll keep me going back.

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