Raiders draft: Non-quarterback alternatives


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    (Công ty cong tu dong hcm -
    at No. 13 There are a ton of supreme handle Plans for the Raiders and it will occur down toward match. Similar Raiders Incorporate 2024 Raiders are seeking towards improve the inside offensive line Taliese Fuaga, take care of, Oregon StateIf he falls in direction of No. 13 that will be tough due to the fact the Jets are claimed in direction of be within just get pleasure from with him and they pick out 10th , Fuaga will be a steal. He is made up of a probability towards be dominant versus Working day One particular. Quinyon Mitchell Picture via Stacy RevereGetty Photos Quinyon Mitchell, cornerback, ToledoHe is an additional genuine prospect at No. 13. He built upon the sector and he contains stood out in just the draft method hence much. This might be his adorable destination. the Raiders need to have a sport changer at cornerback and he can be the resolution. JC Latham, manage, AlabamaAnother superior choice at No. 13. if the Raiders make a decision towards transfer offensive line, this Alabama solution may possibly be the final Arnold, cornerback, AlabamaIt will be fascinating in the direction of check out if each Mitchell and Arnold are upon the board at No. 13 and they might be. Arnold contains performed at the utmost stage and he is regarded as a impressive alpha design and style who is a higher personality participant Raiders Jersey. He looks which include the design of male Raiders teach Antonio Pierce unquestionably will be other gamers Las Vegas considers at No. 13 if it doesnt shift quarterback. Yet 7 months absent towards the draft it is obvious that the Raiders will contain a lot of attention-grabbing characteristics anytime they draft.
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